Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

Powering Green Energy

Salient Features

1. Name of the Power Station Rengali
2. Name of the River Bramhani
3. Location
(I) State Odisha
(ii) Nearest town Angul
(iii) Distance 80 Kms. From Angul
4. Total Installed Capacity
(a) No. of Units 5 (Five)
(b) Capacity of each Unit 50 MW
(c )Total capacity 250 MW
5. Reservoir / Pondage
a) Name of the Dam Rengali Dam
b) Type of Dam Gravity Masonary
c) Height of Dam 70.5 Mts.
d) Length of Dam 1040 Mts.
e) Catchment area 25,250 Sq. Km.
f) Average Annual Inflow 14900 MCM
g) FRL / MWL 123.5 Mts.
h) MDDL 109.72 Mts.
I) Storage capacity 4400 Million Cum
6. Water Turbine  
I) Number 5 (Five)
ii) Type Kaplan Vertical
iii) Make BHEL, India
iv) Net Head
   (I)  Maxl. Head 46.5 Mts.
   (ii) Minimum 28 Mts.
   (iii) Rated 40 Mts.
   (iv) Design head 40 Mts.
v) Normal Speed 166.7 rpm
vi) Runaway Speed 395 rpm
vii) Dia of runner 4.5 mts.
7. Tail race
Type of Tunnel / Channel Channel
8. Generators
I)   No. of Units 5 (Five)
ii)  Type Suspension
iii) Make BHEL, India
iv) Voltage 11 KV
v) Capacity 61.1 MVA/ 50 MW
vi) Current 3200 amp.
vii) Power factor 0.9 lag
viii) Speed 166.7 rpm
ix) Excitation System 0.9
(a) Main Exciter Semi Static (# 1, 2)
Static Excitor (# 3,4,5)