Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

Powering Green Energy

Project Features

The Rengali masonry-cum-concrete dam, 1,040 M long has been divided into 51 blocks for construction purposes. Of these, 24 blocks in the centre are spillway block provided with radial gates and a spillway bridge. There are 8 non-overflow blocks in the right clank and 19 in the left. Blocks 10 to 14 from the left are power dam blocks through which penstock pipes of 6 meter dia are embedded. The power house is located just downstream of the Power Dam. This dam connecting two hill ranges on either side along with a 4.6M. high dyke near village Khindo forms the reservoir of 414 Sq. K.Ms. at M.W.L. of 125.4 M.

The power house accommodates the service bay and five unit bays for installation of 50 M.W. capacity generators in each unit.

For power generation axial flow kaplan turbines with eight blades having runners of 4.5 M. dia. rotating at a speed of 166.7 rpm. at the designed head of 40 M. to produce a rated output of 50 M.W. are provided.

The construction of main dam had been completed in 1985.

For utilising the water discharge of power house for irrigation purpose, a barrage with two canals is under construction at Samal, located about 45 K.Ms downstream of Rengali Dam.


  • Area protected form flood 2,600 sq.Km
  • Population benefited 10.8 Lakh
  • Irrigation 2.70 lakh hectares