Odisha Hydro Power Corporation Ltd.

A Gold rated State PSU( A Govt. of Odisha Undertaking )

Powering Green Energy
Date of commencements of work :1976
Date of Completion of work :1985-86
Commissioning of Units
Date of commencements of work :1987
Date of Completion of work :1992
Commissioning of Units

Commissioning Date


The Rengali Multipurpose Project, Stage-1 was approved by the Planning Commission in their letter No. II-2 (64) /724 EI Dated 04.06.73. This included Provision of Rs.1270.68 lakhs for P.H.Electrical Works and Rs.330.00 lakhs for P.H.Civil Works. The estimate for Power Electrical works had been revised to Rs.307 lakhs in 1983, based on cost levels upto 1982. The stage-1 Project is substantially complete now,and the 2 Nos. generating units have been commissioned in 8/85 and 3/86, respectively. Certain amount of balance works remains to be done, and balance liabilities are to be cleared up. It has therefore, become necessary to revised the Project estimate for power electrical works.

Government have decided in I&P Dept. No 48438 dated 09.12.86 to charge the expenditure incurred in operation and maintenance of the Stage I Works to the capital estimate, till completion of Stage-II works,when the entire power station is to be transferred to the O.E.S.B. The extra expenditure in this account along is estimated as Rs362 lakhs,requiring revision of the Project estimate . The revised estimate of Rs.3588 lakhs has therefore,been framed to cover the actual expenditure incurred so far on electrical works is Rs.3566.82 Lakhs up to 31.03.92.

There has been no change in the scope of work in this revised estimate. The capital cost estimate has been increased from Rs.3072 lakhs to Rs.3226 lakhs, due to increase in cost of labour, material and establishment from 198 level, and is about 5% only. the amount provided for operation and maintenance up to and including 1990-91, estimated at Rs.362 lakhs had not been provided in the original estimate,and is now included in the revised estimate.

The estimate for Power House Civil works as well as for Dam and Appurtenant works have been separately revised,so that the total capital cost chargeable to Power House has to be revised. The revised calculation for depreciation has been worked out considering the total cost chargeable to power, and is enclosed at Annexure IV. Arevised calculation for cost of generation without capitalisation of intrest during construction is enclosed at Annexure III.A revised financial forecast based the revised estimate has also been worked out and enclosed at Annexure-III. In framing this financial forecast,a firm of 60 M.W. and secondary generation of 146 million units average basis has been considered and the sale rate of 30 paise/unit for energy generated, less 0.5% auxiliary consumption has been taken into account . The project yields a return of 171% in the 2nd year of construction(as per Annexure-I) and is there remunerative.